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We begin by looking at the big picture. Our experience to see the full scope helps us as manufacturers add value to our clients. We have our client's best interest front and center. Together as team, we can anticipate and prevent potential issues.

We put care and quality into the manufacturing of our custom furniture, case goods and soft seating.


Guest Rooms


Lobbies & Common Areas

We are active listeners. We listen to what you need and have the expertise to help you save time, money, and enhance the guest experience.

Listen to what our clients have to say about our collaboration in the creation of guest rooms and public areas:

Biscayne Was Quick and Extremely Responsive!
From the bidding process to completion, Biscayne was quick and extremely responsive. You took pride in details and I was impressed with your continuing involvement throughout the project. For example, you made several factory trips to ensure that quality control was being followed and also onsite to advise our installation crew to prevent damage. I recommend Biscayne Furniture for future projects.

Vice President-Development
Hotel del Coronado

Communication and Follow Through Was Excellent!
The matrix to develop the case good, which included a closet, refreshment center, vanity desk and nightstand was extremely complex. Javed and Biscayne's communication and follow through was excellent. The product arrived on schedule without damage and of a superior quality. Biscayne was one of our top suppliers and I would use them again and recommend them without reservation.

The Sofia Hotel

We encourage you to have beginning-to-end involvement. This approach results in a seamless product that pleases everyone involved while satisfying the needs of your guests and owners.

Biscayne Method We encourage a team spirit; all parties touch. This approach results in a better outcome from product to shipping. Together we can create outcomes that keep the design intent, keep within purchasing agents' budget, maximize operators ROI and enhance the guest experience.

We base our business on open communication. Our triangular model involves open communication through all parties so that ideas and concerns can be better discussed in a much more time-efficient manner.

Take a peek at how we are "touching" our clients:

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Biscayne Survey Results
Take a peek at what our clients are saying about us!

Through our collaborative approach, the entire team is focused on producing the sweet smell of success for your project.

We believe in having input from all sources including designers, purchasing agents, contractors, resort operators, managers, and housekeepers. We value everyone's input. When all participants are involved through open and transparent communication, it will ensure that a project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Check out these challenges which became opportunities.

Challenge: Extremely complex finish and detail requirements for this new, two phase construction of 48 units where the client desired a mission/lodge look. Additionally, due to budget constraints, we could not use white oak or other expensive woods.

Solution: To keep within budget, we used mahogany wood and palm bark to create the look and feel of lodge. We were able to apply the appropriate amount of stain and distressing to achieve our client's desired results. Also, our client did not want glass or laminates, so we created a special lacquer stain process that both protected the wood and kept its natural tone and feel. Our client was extremely delighted with the finished product: Biscayne's interpretation of design and detail was spot on!
Challenge: This 212-room renovation project of a 1920 building (with a very small elevator) needed to be done in two phases without any warehouse cost. Also, the building did not have even room sizes, which led to four variations of each product.

Solution: We first worked with the construction team to define a workable schedule and a two phase delivery system of 12 containers. We attained a room matrix and planned in two phases: Phase I built-ins including cabinets & headboards per floor and per date and Phase II of loose items per floor and room. Each and every box was labeled and delivered at property on the targeted receive date. We also created cabinets so they would fit in the elevator and come together as one unit, however, this was not a knock down. We still used one piece construction in such a way that it looked like one seamless piece when put together. Our client valued our collaborate approach: Biscayne's communication and follow-through was excellent!

We value engineer with good taste and within any budget. Our experts can help create practical solutions without compromise.

Our approach is the perfect recipe to create any project in good taste.

Have budget issues? We'll work with you without compromising quality or design.

Need a fast turnaround time? We excel at meeting or exceeding deadlines.

Have a specific challenge or situation? That's our specialty. Give us a call or drop us an email and we'll respond to you right away.

On time, in style, within budget - that's the Biscayne Hospitality promise.

Our E.S.P. is our Unique Selling Proposition. We can anticipate the needs of our clients and end-users. Our collaborative team is able to work as an extension of your team to craft unique, creative solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We listen to objections and find practical solutions. With an open mind and transparency, we strive to interpret your challenges and discover ways to reach a beneficial outcome.

We do not promise to be perfect, but we do promise to work together as manufacturer (us), designer, purchasing agent, and operator to collaborate, create and succeed!


Meet our Team

Daniel Gable "Sees"  that all furniture manufactured in our South East Asia (SEA) factories meet our quality standards. Living in Indonesia, he incorporates his cultural understanding into unique relationships with each factory. In addition, with an Engineering background, and an eye for detail, Daniel makes sure all products display the care and dedication that Biscayne Hospitality emphasizes.

Carleton Woodring in our East Coast office draws on his "Sixth Sense"  to understand the client's requests and get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Send Carlton your Request For Qualifications and orders, and you can rest assured that your business is being taken care of with timeliness and efficiency.

Monica Salcedo is hands-on for every Purchase Order. This "Business Touch"  ensures that all PO's are managed and all components are taken into account in a timely manner. With Monica as part of the Biscayne Hospitality team, your orders stay at top priority from the beginning samples to the finished products.

Theresa Tan "Hears"  and understands the timely demands of the client. With this insight, Theresa resonates the client's expectations to ensure that the product is shipped on schedule and arrives on time. Theresa also "Sees To" accounts payable and receivables, to guarantee a smooth business transaction.

Mahmoud Mostafa, head of our UK office, is a multi-tasker that uses "All Senses"  to ensure our clients are understood in order to turn dreams into realities. No matter what the style, Mahmoud will make sure your specifications are honored and fashioned. In addition, he stays involved with finance to guarantee honesty and trustworthiness in all business areas.

Javed Bhaghani, head of US operations, keeps a keen eye on all aspects of Biscayne Hospitality. He "Hears"  the needs of the client and, with the help of the team, "Sees"  the process through from start to finish. This professional "Touch"  will result in exceptional furniture for the client and an ongoing relationship in the future.